Wind Driven Roof Turbo Ventilator

Wind Driven Roof Turbo Ventilator

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Wind Driven Roof Turbo Ventilator


Providing and Fixing of 'Rooffit' brand an ISO-9001 Certified Company wind Driven Turbo Ventilators in desired neck size (21/24) with anodized aluminium technically designed fins with stainless steel top plate and bottom fixing rings supported with double ball bearing system mounted on monolithically casted matching profile FRP Base plate in 2mm thick aerodynamically designedhood, with special UV stabilized inbuilt colour, gelcoat coating to take extremes of weather/wind velocity and continuous ventilation complete to the satisfaction of Engineer-in-charge.

Application for Hot and Humid Areas

Industrial roofing, skylights buildings, green houses, garages/porches, commercial building, domes and canopy for industrial and commercial buildings, railways, school, warehouses and residential etc.

Wind Driven Industrial Turbo Ventilators with matching fiberglass reinforced Plastic (FRP) BASE PLATE.

Ventilation is simply the process of replacing stale, hot air with clean and fresh air hence providing pleasant working environment.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers of wind driven Industrial Turbo Ventilator with matching FRP Base Plate, which enables the fixing and installation of turbo ventilator very convenient under various site conditions. Our Turbo Ventilator and the matching FRP base plate is technically designed to suit the various stite conditions and provide maximum exhaust and rotation of air continuously, hence virtually providing pleasant and fresh air for healthy work environment. Our turbo ventilator is so designed having maximum fan blade hence providing optimal exhaust and at the same time is protective towards rain and dust.

Features and Advantages

  • No Electricity – Wind Driven
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fresh Air 24 x 365 Days
  • Uniform & Continuous Ventilation
  • Noiseless Installation & Operation
  • Easy to Install
  • No Ingress of Rain Water
  • Fits on any type of Roof Surface and Gradient
  • Exhaust Stale, Hot, Humid Air, Fumes & Pollutants Nonstop
    Health Living – Increase in Productivity
  • Environment Friendly
  • Payback Period is Extremely Low – good Savings
  • Rigid and Technically Designed Frame Construction to Withstand Cyclone, Storm, High Wind Velocity and Twister
  • Turbo Ventilator are made in Aluminum and S.S. hence No Rusting
  • Suitable for any Size Industrial, Commercial, Warehouse, Go Down & Chemical Building.
  • Automobile industry
  • Food Industry
  • Textile (Spinning, Twisting, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing, Knitting, Processing)
  • Chemical Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Boiler House
  • Restaurants
  • Foundry
  • Generation House
  • Commercial building
  • Public Halls
  • Residence and many other places.

S. No.




Type of roof and make (AC Sheet /Metal/RCC)



Size of the sheets (L x B)



Number of air change desired per hour

Nos. /Hr


Avg. wind velocity (If available)

Kms /H rs


Nature of plant activity



Types of Machinery installed



Number of persons working



Any Corrosive fumes or chemical discharge


Existing Exhaust system (if any)


Any special comment or requirement (if any)