Standing Seam Roof Sheet

Standing Seam Roof Sheet

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Standing Seam Roof Sheet

Standing Seam Roof System is steel roofing like membrane structure covering the entire building with panels joint together with a double lock standing seam and a uniquiely designed clip like, formed in to the seam at site in a unique fixing style that required no drilling of holes. The panels are joint and are permanently seamed together with a full 360o double lock steam to prevent 100%  moisture/water leakages making it dust free with no overlapping joints along the slope or holes unlike other fixing methods adopted for sheet roofing.

The unique feature of standing seam roof is its ability to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. This fixing arrangement system allows for the roof talk to practically float over the structure with out being affected by temperature variations and it also allows the roof to withstand high wind uplift nodes.


  • No overlap joints along the span of the roof hence completely eliminating water leakages.
  • Requires lighter support structure as compare to other metal roofing profiles and systems.