FRP Molded Grating

FRP Molded Grating

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FRP Molded Grating

Rooffit FRP Grating as compared with other floor materials like Metal, PVC or RCC, provides a series of benefits, unmatched superior impact resistance, while the strength-weight ratio is only one fourth of that of steel gratings.

Hence FRP gratings are easy to handle, cut and install and can be customized to customer’s requirements as per site condition, utility application and weathering conditions. Rooffit brand FRP Gratings is the ideals solution for corrosion problem faced in industrial environments. The FRP grating is non-conductive of electricity and non-magnetic, great appearance, ease of installation and Maintenance Free.

Types of Grating:

  • Molded Gratings
  • Pultruded Gratings


  • Anti-skid top surface
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easy to handle, store and install.
  • Total elimination of maintenance cost.
  • Corrosion resistant and fire retardant.
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Self extinguishable with high level of safety.
  • Excellent temperature and weathering properties
  • Light weight, long lasting and maintenance free
  • Excellent strength-weight ratio compare to steel
  • Minimal distortion and higher mechanical strength.
  • Excellent insulation properties with high impact strength
  • Excellent physical, mechanical/chemical and atmospheric resistance properties.


  • Flooring
  • Trench and Drain covers
  • Platforms and walkways
  • Electrical cable trays
  • Stairways, hand rails and ladders
  • Chemical pipelines carriage trays
  • FRP cross arms for electrical applications
  • All load bearing structures using FRP pipe, Angle, Channel and Girders.

Molded Gratings: "Rooffit" Molded Gratings is made of continuous Rovings Fiberglass which are fully soaked with suitable unsaturated polyester resin with continuous solidification monolithically casted mold system, whose uniform structure provides perfect bi-directional mechanical properties. "Rooffit" molded FRP grating has excellent corrosion resistance with inbuilt color and UV Stabilization. Different unsaturated Polyester resin has different physical, mechanical and chemical property of corrosion resistance and weathering properties.

The resin being widely used include orthophthalic Polyester resin, Isopthalic Grade, Vinyl Ester resin with optional fire retardant properties. Widely used resin for this kind of application is vinyl Ester based FRP Gratings which provides excellent corrosion and weathering resistance.

Available Sizes for Moulded Grating :

S. No.

Depth (mm)

Mesh Size (mm)

Available Size (Max.)




3’ x 10’, 4’ x 8’ , 4’ x 12’




3’ x 10’, 4’ x 8’ , 4’ x 12’




4' x 12'